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Protruding ears can affect both children and adults and are often the cause of social difficulties. Often, the affected persons try to hide their protruding ears by the hair at the temples. The consequences are dissatisfaction and shame due to protruding ears, which cause asymmetry of the face.
For children, a corrective intervention (putting on ears) immediately before school enrolment is recommended to save them from teasing at school. By putting on ears a remedy can be found and also ear lobes can be harmoniously adapted to the overall picture by a correction.

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Duration of treatment:approx. 1 – 1.5 hours
Cost of ear correction:starting at 2500€; children of 14 years and under may be eligible to cost takeover or partial cost takeover by your insurance
Anaesthesia:general anaesthesia (children) or local anaesthesia
Hospital stay:

not necessary

Bandage:head bandage for 1 week, headband especially during sleep for 3 weeks
Socially acceptable:after approx. 1 week
After care:Stitches and headbandage will be removed after approx. 1 week

You should wear a headband especially during sleep and workouts for 3 weeks. Younger children should wear the headband all day and during the night.

You can not wash your hair for 1 week

No sports acitivties for 3 weeks; during team sports/sports with component you should wear a headband for 6 months

Swimming and Sauna should be avoided for 6 weeks

There are several possibilities which are responsible for protruding ears. Excess tissue, protruding inner auricle or less developed anthelix fold. The consequence is that the ear does not fold back sufficiently towards the head and thus protrudes. As a rule, a distance of at least 1.8 cm from the head is called a protruding ear.

Whether congenital or injury-induced deformation of the earlobes can disturb the overall aesthetic picture. An individual surgical procedure can create the desired harmony.

The ear correction surgery

A variety of surgical techniques that we offer in our practice in Hamburg allow us to enhance the appearance of the ear. In most cases, an incision is made behind the auricle to shape the ear cartilage. This involves pulling non-absorbable threads through the ear, knotting and tightening them so that a new anthelix fold is formed – in some cases cartilage is also removed. This ensures permanent fixation of the new position. The healing time is minimally longer than with the suture method. Since the scars run behind the ear, they are not visible. The stitches are removed after about one week.

In some cases, a surgical procedure with an incision cannot be avoided, but often a special technique can be used to permanently shape the ear cartilage behind the ear in an outpatient procedure without making any incisions. In this less invasive suture technique, ears are created by attaching the holding sutures to the cartilage without first cutting through the skin. Advantage: There are no scars, hardly any loss of time with very good results.

The otoplasy takes between 1 hour and 1.5 hours and can be performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anaesthesia in our practice in Hamburg. The excess skin is removed and the cartilage is reduced with a special file. Swelling, bruising and small scars are possible, however. A head bandage is worn for one week and after the stitches are removed, a headband should be worn for a certain period of time.


Slight swelling may occur after the operation, but this will subside within a few days. In order to protect the ears from buckling and to support wound healing, the patient must wear a head bandage after the surgery. The stitches are usually removed after seven days, after which it is recommended that the patient wears a headband, especially during sleep, to further support the healing process and to prevent the ears from bending. Four weeks after the procedure, the patient should refrain from sports activities.

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Frequent questions regarding an ear correction

What do I have to consider after an ear correction surgery?

In the first few days after surgery there may be slight pain, but this can be treated with painkillers in consultation with your treating doctor.

You should rest for 1 week. During this time you will not be able to work, please plan ahead for this.

Do not wear glasses for 2 weeks

Wear a soft headband (also during sleep) to avoid bending the ears for 3 weeks

Swimming pool and sauna visits should be avoided for 6 weeks. Workouts should be avoided for 3 weeks. Take care not to bend your ears when washing your hair.

Are there any risks?

The risks after surgery are relatively low. However, swelling, bruising and scarring can occur. In addition, sensory disturbances in the ear can occur, which usually disappear within several months.

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