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Full red lips are considered a symbol of sensuality and look extremely attractive. The appearance of the lips shapes the entire facial expression. Profound experience, gentle working techniques and a sense of aesthetics are essential for an attractive result of medical performance. Lips are attractive when the contours are defined, a natural and healthy fullness is impressive, the proportions are individually adapted to the face and a gentle appearance is in the foreground.
If you want more fullness and contour for your lips, Dr. Ugurlu can fulfill this wish by lip enhancement.

Why 38.000+ patients trust Dr.Ugurlu


Unique craft

Dr. Ugurlu not only treats patients, but develops special techniques, innovative surgical methods and trains other doctors.


Natural beauty

For Dr. Ugurlu the treatments are like art. The approach at the perfect points, takes care of your natural beauty. Suits you!


Feel-good atmosphere

The friendly team, the relaxed manner of Dr. Ugurlu and the modern equipment ensure that you feel completely comfortable during your treatment.


Long-term results

The treatments have the highest quality and safety.

Duration of treatment:20 – 30 Minutes
Cost of lip enhancement:Starting at 350€
Anaesthesia:Anesthetic cream
Bandage:Not necessary
Socially acceptable:Immediately
After care:Avoid workouts, swimming, Sauna and Solarium for 2 – 4 days; do not use lipbalm/lipstick before the next day

For the work in the area of the lips, only long-time tested, high-quality, hypoallergenic and preferably natural fillers are used. Regardless of the treating physician, you should always make sure to choose high-quality products. Various products such as Juverderm, Belotero Restylane are on the market.

Hyaluronic acid processed into a three-dimensional matrix and in a density adapted to the patient’s requirements is often preferred by the doctor and patient for lip augmentation and lip shaping. As it is a low-risk, hypoallergenic and quick way of lip enhancement, which also offers the possibility of reworking, hyaluronic acid is also my preferred filler for lip augmentation and/or lip shaping.

Procedure and aftercare of lip augmentation at Dr. Ugurlu in Hamburg

During a lip enhancement, the filler is injected evenly into the lip, one after the other. If desired, an anesthetic cream can be applied in advance to numb the lips. This is often not necessary because the filler already has a local anaesthetic. A result is immediately visible. After the treatment swelling and slight bruising may occur, but these disappear within a few days. After the procedure, you should avoid sunbathing and sauna visits for 4 days.

If fillers are undesirable, Dr. Ugurlu will be happy to advise you on surgical methods to shape or enlarge the lips.

Your personal consultation with Dr.Ugurlu

If you desire full lips Dr. Ugurlu is at your disposal for a comprehensive consultation. Make an appointment online right away.

Frequent questions regarding a lip augmentation

Which fillers are used for lip enhancement?

Hyaluronic acid is used to enhance the lips.

Will there be swelling or bruising?

Swelling and bruising can occur but should usually subside after 1 week at the latest.

Can I workout after lip enhancement?

48 hours after lip enhancement you can do sports activities.

How do I handle sunlight or tanning booth?

Please avoid excessive sun exposure and tanningbooths für at least 3 – 4 days.

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