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Radiant eyes give the face expression.  With age, the tissue slackens, the result: drooping eyelids and tear sacs could blur the vision. Lachrymal sacs, drooping eyelids, eye wrinkles and sagging eyelids influence the youthful appearance and give a tired impression. Pronounced drooping eyelids not only change the appearance, they can also have a negative effect on the visual field. After an eyelid lift – this could be an upper or lower lift, or both – the eyes look brighter and fresher and the tired facial expression disappears.

Eye rejuvenation is as individual as every face.  During a personal consultation in our practice in Hamburg, we will discuss the possible treatments with you and together we will find the right way to a younger, natural look for your eye area.

For this purpose we offer the following aesthetic medical procedures:

Eyelid lift

In an upper eyelid lift, the sagging skin and muscles are removed in a procedure lasting one to two hours, with local anaesthesia, twilight sleep or general anaesthesia as desired. If there is a weakness of the eyelid, it is recommended that this be corrected at the same time.

During a lower eyelid lift, excess tissue and fat is removed. At the same time the retention apparatus is strengthened to prevent the formation of a new lacrimal sac.

The scars of the treatment for an eyelid lift are hardly noticeable, especially in the case of an upper eyelid lift, as they run along the eyelid folds. Swelling, bruising or irritation of the conjunctiva and cornea can occur, but are only short-lived. In the first two to three weeks after the eyelid correction, heavy physical work and make-up should be avoided. You should not sunbathe nor use a solarium for three months.

Another treatment, which achieves a youthful and bright eye area is:


Drooping eyebrows create a tired or grumpy look. Lifting in the course of a brow lift not only creates a more elegant eyebrow, but also gives a fresh, radiant eye area and a younger appearance.

During a brow lift in our practice in Hamburg, an endoscope is inserted into the skin and the eyebrow muscles are prepared with the help of small special devices, smoothing wrinkles and lifting the eyebrows.

If you’d like more information on the treatments click the links to the praticular treatment or schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Ugurlu online.

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