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The nose is crucial for the aesthetics of the face and there are several reasons for wanting to change the shape of the nose. However, it is not always necessary to do this through nose surgery.
If the correction wishes are not too extensive, a non surgical nose job using hyaluronic acid is the best option. This gentle method of nose correction can be carried out within a few minutes and the result is immediately visible, without long swelling of the nose.

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Duration of treatment:20 – 30 Minutes
Cost of non surgical rhinoplasty:starting at 500€
Anaesthesia:anesthetic cream
Bandage:Not necessary
Socially acceptable:immediately
After care:Avoid workouts 1 – 3 days; Avoid wearing glasses/sunglasses for 1 week; No sunbathing and Sauna for 1 week; do not undergo facial treatments and laser treatments in the treated area for 2 weeks

What corrections can we make without surgery?

  • Correction of the bridge of the nose (hump, hook and saddle nose)
  • Straightening of a crooked nose
  • Compensation of unevenness on the nose through bone/cartilage
  • Changes in the size of the nostrils
  • elevation of the tip of the nose
  • Reduction of a wide nose

Procedure and aftercare of a nose correction without surgery at Dr. Ugurlu in Hamburg

During nose correction with hyaluronic acid, the filler is injected into the desired regions of your nose with a thin injection needle. Dr. Ugurlu will then form the active ingredient if necessary. If desired, the treatment can be performed with an anesthetic cream for local anesthesia. The result is visible immediately and may still be slightly different. As hyaluronic acid is a natural active ingredient, it is broken down by the body over time, which is why the effectiveness of a nose correction without surgery is usually 18 months.

After the treatment, you are usually socially acceptable right away. Slight swellings and bruises may occur, but mostly subside quickly. In the first three days you should avoid sports. You should also refrain from wearing glasses or sunglasses for a week.

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Frequent questions regarding a non surgical rhinoplasty

What filler will be used?

For a non surgical rhinoplasty hyaluronic acid is used.

Can any side effects occur?

Bruising, redness and slight swelling may occur, but these should usually subside within a few days.

How long does the result last?

The durability of the result of a nose correction without surgery depends individually on the patient, but is usually 9-12 months. In order to maintain the result in the long term, you should have the treatment repeated at regular intervals.

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