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Scars usually occur after having surgery, skin injuries/burns or acne. They are a natural process that occurs during the healing of injured tissue. However, many people find scars very annoying, because their altered structure makes them stand out from the surrounding skin. Particularly in the case of acne scars on the face, those affected often suffer greatly from the cosmetic impairment, as they are difficult to conceal. In the meantime, however, there is a multitude of successful methods for scar treatment.

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Dr. Ugurlu not only treats patients, but develops special techniques, innovative surgical methods and trains other doctors.


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For Dr. Ugurlu the treatments are like art. The approach at the perfect points, takes care of your natural beauty. Suits you!


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The friendly team, the relaxed manner of Dr. Ugurlu and the modern equipment ensure that you feel completely comfortable during your treatment.


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The treatments have the highest quality and safety.

Duration of treatment:approx. 20 – 60 minutes depending on treatment
Cost of scar treatment:Subcision: starting at 300€

Fractional Laser: starting at 350€

Chemical Peeling: starting at 150€

Morpheus 8: starting at 1200€

Fractora: starting at 900€

Vampire Facial/PRP: starting at 350€

Anaesthesia:depends on treatment: numbing cream, local anesthetic or laughing gas
Bandage:not necessary/band aids for small cuts subcision
Socially acceptable:depending on treatment, after approx. 1 – 10 days

In our practice we treat three types of scars:
atrophic scars and hypertrophic scars and keloids

Atrophic scars are characterized by the fact that they are “sunk” into the skin. The reason is often an inflammation caused by acne or windpoken, which was present in the deep skin layer and destroyed it. After the inflammation has subsided, the destroyed tissue contracts again and sinks in.

Hypertrophic scars can be recognized by the fact that they lie over the surrounding skin, but are limited to the injured tissue. They occur after skin injuries, often due to a lack of immobilization of the wound during the healing phase. This leads to an overproduction of connective tissue and the scar rises above the surrounding skin.

Keloids are bulge-like scars that grow over the original wound area. They are benign tumours that can arise from skin injuries or operations and are, as a rule, genetically determined. The reason for this is a disturbance in the wound healing process. Those affected usually suffer greatly from keloids because they grow continuously over years and can reach very large dimensions.

Scar treatment methods in the practice of Dr. Ugurlu in Hamburg

In a consultation Dr. Ugurlu can advise which method is most suitable for you. We offer the following in our practice:

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Frequently asked questions regarding the scar treatment

Which method is most suitable for me?

That depends on the severity level of the scars. Dr. Ugurlu can determine the most suitable method in a consultation.

Can I workout/play sports after the treatment?

Regardless of the treatment method you should not play any sport or workout for approx. 1 week.

Can my skin be exposed to sunlight after treatment?

After every scar treatment method, the treated area is very sensitive and therefore should be protected from sunlight. As a general rule, after each treatment you should refrain from sunbathing or solarium for 1 – 2 weeks. In addition, a sunscreen of at least SPF30 should be applied to the treated area for several weeks.

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